I am currently vacationing in: Nassau, The Bahamas until the 14th of October 2022

Vacations Anywhere in the World

Vacation Rate

3 full days : 1,500£

5 full days : 2,000£

7 full days : 2,500£

Airline tickets/train tickets, 5 star accommodation and all other expense are obviously covered by you for vacations.

Additionally, we can chat via email or WhatsApp to agree on a bespoke money gift to be graciously given to me for my time and companionship.

Gifts and methods of gifting can be discussed and agreed upon., as well as the specific dates and duration of the vacation.

My Travel wishlist

These are a few places that I wish to visit this year.

Barcelona, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Paris, France

Jamaica, Caribbean

Barbados, Caribbean

The Bahamas, Caribbean

Things I would like to experience in 2022

Skiing in Real Snow


Tour Europe 

More 5 star spa dates

More 5 star dining

Michelin star dining

A white Christmas